Dress: Lazaro Bridal

Market Trends

It’s been quite the busy week in New York City for Bridal Market (the wedding industry's version of Fashion Week). From spotting the latest wedding trends to attending industry events, it was quite a whirlwind! I was lucky enough to tag along with my good friend Beth Chapman,...


Groom Style

Wedding day attire is usually centered on the bride and the wedding dress, but in our eyes, this doesn’t mean that the groom should be overlooked. After all, it's his wedding, too! To give you some inspiration, we have collected some of our favorite groom...


Tabletop Details

When they're not on the dance floor, your guests will spend their time at their table, so your table design has a big impact on their experience. Adding unique, personal touches will enhance the atmosphere you’ve created and set the tone for much of your...


Artful Food

When it comes to choosing the menu for your wedding, there can be an overwhelming amount of options. No matter which items you choose, one thing that’s important to remember is that presentation matters. Dress up your dishes and appetizers to elevate the experience of...